1. Shipping day for the last batch of mugs, at least for awhile. 📦👋 (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  2. Sunday 🔥

  3. Seeking solid intern(s) for fall studio help! Unpaid but you will totally learn stuff. Looking for a commitment of 1-2 days/week in Bushwick. Is it you? Drop a line to clair @ clamlab.com

  4. Thanks @aprilflores for the fresh rock 🗿 (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  5. Sample & Seconds SALE is on! Deep discounts on good stuff. Pounce now or cry later. Link in profile 👆 (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  6. Listing some one offs and SALE items for a little August clear out. Shop update tomorrow! (at clamlab.com)

  7. Keeping this one. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  8. I’ve been reunited with my first (and perhaps last) blown glass vessel I made at Corning in May. It wanted to be a pitcher but it’s really a creamer at best. It’s about as small and unintentionally chunky as my first pots, but I love it anyway.

  9. @food52’s beautiful online shop Provisions is one year old today! Take 10% off all orders through 8/11 with code “ProvisionsPartner” #ProvisionsBday

  10. Weekend handbuilding. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  11. Back in the studio ⚡️ (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  12. I think there was a bear inside.

  13. (Lime) Kiln ruins in the redwoods

  14. Seneca Lake clay test, rather attractively over fired at ^6. I feel a glacial collection coming soon… #senecalake (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  15. Small but significant glaze progress. (at CLAM LAB HQ)