1. Pottery babes of the past #tbt Ceramics Monthly #1987

  2. Stripey stuff headed to @theprimaryessentials

  3. Clay deposit with iron like gold! Found deep in a ravine, already filtered and ready for experiments. Pleased to finally have a good sample from the home turf. #senecalake

  4. Mom’s latest brachiopod specimens. These are Spirifers. 350 million years old, nbd. #senecalake #fossils

  5. New 🍶 on clamlab.com including some extra special one-offs. Link in profile (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  6. Fresh out! Shop update in the morning. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  7. California bound (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  8. More Swedish clay/glaze. This stuff is amazing. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  9. Swedish slip over porcelain! Dirt smuggling is fun. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  10. Headed to @theprimaryessentials

  11. Part of the weekend glaze lineup. Shop update coming on Monday! (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  12. Time to work! Feels good to be back in the zone. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  13. #yay

  14. Don’t worry, I found plenty of super plastic clay to smuggle back through customs.

  15. Paris Flea market infinity