1. Sunday 🔥

  2. Seeking solid intern(s) for fall studio help! Unpaid but you will totally learn stuff. Looking for a commitment of 1-2 days/week in Bushwick. Is it you? Drop a line to clair @ clamlab.com

  3. Thanks @aprilflores for the fresh rock 🗿 (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  4. Sample & Seconds SALE is on! Deep discounts on good stuff. Pounce now or cry later. Link in profile 👆 (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  5. Listing some one offs and SALE items for a little August clear out. Shop update tomorrow! (at clamlab.com)

  6. Keeping this one. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  7. I’ve been reunited with my first (and perhaps last) blown glass vessel I made at Corning in May. It wanted to be a pitcher but it’s really a creamer at best. It’s about as small and unintentionally chunky as my first pots, but I love it anyway.

  8. @food52’s beautiful online shop Provisions is one year old today! Take 10% off all orders through 8/11 with code “ProvisionsPartner” #ProvisionsBday

  9. Weekend handbuilding. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  10. Back in the studio ⚡️ (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  11. I think there was a bear inside.

  12. (Lime) Kiln ruins in the redwoods

  13. Seneca Lake clay test, rather attractively over fired at ^6. I feel a glacial collection coming soon… #senecalake (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  14. Small but significant glaze progress. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  15. Just got around to playing with the magic crystal clay from upstate NY. Wish it stayed like this forever. 💎 (at CLAM LAB HQ)