1. Weekend handbuilding. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  2. Back in the studio ⚡️ (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  3. I think there was a bear inside.

  4. (Lime) Kiln ruins in the redwoods

  5. Seneca Lake clay test, rather attractively over fired at ^6. I feel a glacial collection coming soon… #senecalake (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  6. Small but significant glaze progress. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  7. Just got around to playing with the magic crystal clay from upstate NY. Wish it stayed like this forever. 💎 (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  8. Recent melts. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  9. Thanks for the shout @nymag !! I’m so glad to be in such good company. Thanks to everyone in this community for continuing to make 🍶 so much fun👏👏👏

  10. There is no such thing as a pottery emergency. (at CLAM LAB HQ)

  11. Now at @oldfaithfulshop

  12. Felipe Ortega in his studio. He has assistants dig 1000 lbs a day from an ancient clay bed behind his ancestral home and studio near La Madera, NM. His pots are meant for cooking, as the mica in the clay not only makes shimmery pots but improves the taste of food. Such a magical place, and person. Everything actually glitters. 🙌

  13. Studio visit with Felipe Ortega, master of micaceous pottery and fastest coiler in the west. This is a little corner if his outdoor kitchen.

  14. Just a little semi precious scrap sale on a cliff next to the Rio Grande. I love obsessive mining people. @helen_levi treated me to a whole goody bag, because she didn’t think I had quite enough rocks in my suitcase 😜

  15. The gold mine was closed so we prospected for clay instead (at Silverton, Colorado)